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Glasgow Rangers Soccer Philosophy & Goals 

Glasgow Rangers FC Shanghai Academy (The Academy) will operate according to a training philosophy that is adapted to the cultural, social and educational demands of Shanghai, China as well as the traditions of the club and the ideas of its leaders – the crucial factor being the available infrastructure and financial means.

The Academy is an important pillar in terms of training, with two main objectives and an appropriate set of requirements. First and foremost, the academy must offer its players high-quality sports, educational and social training. It should provide a developed and efficient scouting and recruitment process so that certain players can benefit from the best possible structure and organisation and from a training programme that is tailored to their needs. At the same time, the centre’s structure and organisation are a model for other training structures. Organising guided tours or advanced training courses for coaches and officials will enable this academy to show how such a centre should be run.

This outline gives some quality criteria for implementing this social, educational and training structure, with the focus on the key issue of talent and how to uncover it. Scouting is a major priority for clubs and associations that want to offer ideal conditions for training top players.


Goals: – Offer youngsters training that enables them to develop in both an 

   educational and a sporting context

– Provide a quality organisational structure and monitoring of young 


– Optimise the learning process and training programmes 

– Serve as a model for other training structures 


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