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Goalkeeping Academy

MultiSport Goalkeeping Academy

Goalkeeping 5-7:

Introducing the FUNdamentals of goalkeeping which will provide a solid foundation for every child’s later development as a goalkeeper. Topics covered will include basic; catching techniques, footwork exercises, diving techniques, distribution techniques and positioning.

Goalkeeping 8-10:

Building on the foundations laid at a younger age children will start to be stretched to apply their knowledge and skills in various situations (e.g. the need to combine footwork and diving for difficult saves). New topics such as organizing and communicating with the defense, crossing positioning will be covered and dealing with one-v-one situations. Physical attributes of goalkeeping (e.g. reactions, speed, jumping).

Goalkeeping 11-13:

At this age group there will be a greater focus placed on match orientated practice. Goalkeepers will start to understand their role within the team with an emphasis placed on decision making as well alongside technical development. Knowledge, skills and physical attributes learnt at previous age groups will be expanded and progressed to a more advanced level. Players will be introduced to basic plyometric training to enhance the development of their physical attributes.

Goalkeeping 13+:

Players will be stretched and challenged. Sessions will focus on continuous tactical, technical and physical development with everything learnt and practiced at previous age groups being progressed to an advance level. Players will be asked to be self-analytical and assess their own strengths and weaknesses helping shape the complete goalkeeper.
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