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MultiSport's Tennis programme provides a comprehensive range of tennis coaching from mini tennis for young children through to youth squad, adult, social and private lessons. Our coaches are internationally qualified (UKLTA) with many years of international coaching experience as well as playing competitively at the highest levels

MultiSport's tennis programme is designed for children aged 4 + years and structured around the United Kingdom Lawn Tennis Association (UKLTA) Mini Tennis system. Students are divided into 3 progressive colour coded levels through which they should advance. This allows young players an exciting and positive introduction at a standard that suits their personal abilities along with other children at a similar skill level.

Each stage uses different size racquets, specialist tennis balls and increasing court dimensions.   Quality of coaching, consistency, and of course fun are key to our programmes success

Mini Red: (4 - 6 years)

Played on small courts with short racquets and soft balls, an emphasis is placed on movement and coordination to build confidence through various ball skills, fun games and rallying. Racquets provided.

Mini Orange: (6+ years)

For those who have developed skills sufficiently through Mini Red. Using low compression balls and modified court sizes, rules are adapted to develop the confidence and ability of the players covering coordination, movement exercises and techniques.

Mini Green (8+years)

Using a faster ball and full size court, sessions will focus on developing correct technique on all strokes. Sessions will incorporate a games based approach including drills, coordination, movement exercises and tactics of match play.

Squad: 10+ years

For those who have passed through the Mini Green, this course shall focus on technical development through drills, strategy, singles and doubles match play and will prepare players for competition.

Adult Tennis

For those who have never played before through to improvers and the competent club player, group classes to suit all standards are available including social tennis and more advanced clinics.

Ladies Social Tennis

Groups are divided into similar levels and cover basic coaching skills and round robin game practice to provide a fun and interactive session.

Private lessons for adults and children and special group classes can be arranged on request.
YCIS, Pudong(Regency Park Campus)
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Football / Soccer
The Emerald Club, Kangqiao
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
Green Valley Villas, Gubei
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis

YCIS, Pudong(Regency Park Campus)No.1817, Huamu Road (YCIS Pudong, Regency Park Campus)

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

8 Weeks Programme:

17th April - 26th June

no lesson on 1st & 22nd May &12th June

Saturday12:50 - 1:35p.mMini Red(4 - 7 years)¥1360¥0.00
Saturday1:40 - 2:25p.mMini Orange (7-10 Years)¥1360¥0.00
Saturday2:30 - 3:30p.mMini Green (11 - 13 Years)¥1360¥0.00
Saturday11:45 - 12:45p.m.Squad¥1360¥0.00

The Emerald Club, Kangqiao2888, Hunan Road, Kangqiao,Pudong

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

8 Weeks Programme:

12th April - 7th June

no lesson on 3rd May

Monday4:00 - 4:45p.m.Mini Red (4 - 6 years)¥1360¥0.00
Monday4:45 - 5:45p.m.Mini Orange (6+ years)¥1360¥0.00
Monday4:45 - 5:45p.m.Mini Green (8+ years) ¥1360¥0.00
Monday6:45 - 7:45p.m.Squad (10+ years)¥1360¥0.00

Green Valley Villas, Gubei1500, Ha Mi Road, Hongqiao

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

10 Weeks Programme:

15th April - 17th June

Green Valley Villas Residents receive 10% discount

Thursday4:00 - 4:45p.m.Mini Red (4-8 years)¥1900¥0.00
Thursday4:45 - 5:30p.m.Mini Orange (7-10 years)¥1900¥0.00
Thursday5:30 - 6:30p.m.Mini Green (10+ years)¥1900¥0.00
Thursday6:30 - 7:30p.m.Squad (10+ years)¥1900¥0.00
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