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Our General Gymnastics program is the largest and most comprehensive children’s gymnastics programme here in Shanghai. The programme is designed for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.  Through a well-structured scheme of work our students develop strength, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance. Lessons focus on age and ability appropriate exercises incorporating Artistic, Tumbling and Rhythmic disciplines of gymnastics.

The student’s efforts are also rewarded with our very own ‘Gym for Joy Award scheme’ which reflects the child’s improvements and achievements throughout this fun and challenging program. 

Throughout the year we also organize different events such as displays and competitions to keep the students motivated and focused

Gym 4 Tots

Gym for Tots is a Physical Education Program specifically designed for infants who can walk, to the age of three years old. The classes are designed to strengthen children’s bodies, minds and characters, providing a platform to succeed in life. The Gym for Tots program is specifically designed for infants to develop motor skills in age related activities. We incorporate a variety of sensory stimuli to encourage movement and with the use of songs, music, rhythms, and colourful toys and apparatus, Children learn to explore and expand their physical boundaries in a positive and happy environment. Parents or Guardians are expected to participate actively in the lessons and help to encourage the participation of their child.

The MS Gym Stars (3&4yrs)

Through a series of fun and imaginative movements and balances, children develop agility, flexibility, coordination and gain confidence and self-esteem. This course is an invaluable start to any young sportsperson.

The MS Twisters (5&6yrs)

Good body posture and flexibility are developed as children are introduced to floor work, beam, vaulting and balances.

The MS Tumblers (7&8yrs)

A more disciplined approach to gymnastics is adopted. As more skills are acquired, the routines are further developed. The improvement in coordination and agility at this important developmental age has a tremendous carry-over of skills to other sports

The MS Aerials (9+yrs)

More complex floor routines, vaults and balance are taught. Conditioning work is increased as student's progress through their Gymnastics awards programme.
YCIS, Pudong(Regency Park Campus)
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Football / Soccer
Ambassy Club (Pudong)
  • Holiday Camp
British International School Shanghai (Puxi)
  • Gymnastics
Green Valley Villas, Gubei
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis

YCIS, Pudong(Regency Park Campus)No.1817, Huamu Road (YCIS Pudong, Regency Park Campus)

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

12 Weeks Programme:

14th April - 30th June

Wednesday3:30 - 4:15p.m.Y1 - Y3¥2040¥0.00
Wednesday4:30 - 5:15p.m.Y4 & Y4+¥2040¥0.00

Ambassy Club (Pudong)No. 588, Hong Feng Road

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder
Holiday Camp

Age: 4-12 years old

RMB3600 per week, RMB800 daily

Full Day9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.April 5 - 9¥3600¥0.00

British International School Shanghai (Puxi)No.111, Jingguang Road, Huacao Town

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

10 weeks Programme:
22nd April - 24th June

Thursday4:30 - 6:00p.m.MultiSport Intermediate¥2100¥0.00
Thursday4:30 - 6:00p.m.MultiSport Advanced¥2100¥0.00
Thursday4:30 - 6:00p.m.Secondary Gymnastics(Age 10+)¥2100¥0.00

9 Weeks programme:

24th April - 26th June

No lesson on 1st May

Saturday9:00 – 9:30a.m.The Gym Stars (4 yrs)¥1350¥0.00
Saturday9:40 – 10:40a.m.The Twisters (Y1 – Y3)¥1620¥0.00
Saturday10:50 – 12:20p.m.Intermediate¥1890¥0.00
Saturday10:50 – 12:20p.m.Advanced¥1890¥0.00

Green Valley Villas, Gubei1500, Ha Mi Road, Hongqiao

Programme NameProgramme RemarkDayTimeAge groupFeeClub M'Ship FeeOrder

10 Weeks Programme:

13th April - 15th June

Green Valley Villas Residents receive 10% discount

Tuesday5:15 - 6:00p.m.The MS Twisters (5&6yrs)¥1900¥0.00
Tuesday6:00 - 6:45p.m.The MS Tumblers (7+ yrs)¥1900¥0.00
Tuesday6:00 - 6:45p.m.The MS Aerials (9+yrs)¥1900¥0.00
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